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About HiFlight Studios LLC

HiFlight Studios LLC is a St. Louis based aerial photography company that offers drone video, film, and photography services for realtors, construction managers, homeowners, weddings, film production, etc. To provide outstanding service, we use a GoPro Hero 5 Black camcorder on 4k resolution with 60fps, and we also provide retouching and editing services with our packages. To ensure that our work matches the needs of our clients, we work directly with you and guide you along our process of obtaining our shots to provide you with your personalized portfolio. We highly value our customers and do so by providing amazing prices while delivering quality services.  
  • Fully Insured

  • FAA Certified (Part 107)


Primary Contact 

  • James Na: President,Chief Pilot
    • FAA Certified
    • Phone: 678-267-9007
  • Steve Li: Vice President, Co-Pilot​​
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